Rubycon proposes a wide range of various capacitors for AUTOMOTIVE.
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1938-1, Nishiminowa, Ina-city, Nagano Pref, 394593, Japan
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TEL: 81-265-72-7114
 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
As for Rubycon`s core product, Alminum electrolytic capacitors, we propose high temperature and long life products such as HBX, HRX, and HRV series, which are suitable to the power circuit like Inverter , DC/DC converter and e.t.c. for the application for EPS.
 Film Capacitors
We also propose Film capacitors with high voltage and large capacitance for smoothing circuit which EV/HEV requires. We have various solutions available such as "Film capacitor bank" with smaller and higher performance which could be realized by our unique and proud deposition technology, and other various Film capacitors in many sizes and features.
 Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors
"MAT-C" series are ultra low ESL capacitors with multi-anode-terminal structure taking advantage of the existing "PC-CON" manufacturing and design technology. The ESL characteristics are less than 1/10 in comparison with the ones in the existing "PC-CON". "MAT-C" series will show an excellent de-coupling performance at high frequency zone (MHz).
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Capacitors, Condensers
EMC/Noise Reduction Components & Materials
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